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Farewell Fulbright Finland…

It’s already been five months and today is my last day being an intern at Fulbright. It’s such an emotional day for me more than I expected. My colleagues bought me a cake, arranged a coffee time during their busy schedule to sit down one last time with me and talk stuffs, gave me this beautiful gift and warmest hugs I’ve ever received. To be honest, as far as I can remember, no one ever hugged me like that before and I don’t know that a hug can bring out such emotion.


I will surely come back and visit them again but will not be a part of the team anymore, and somehow it makes me feel not okay. Tomorrow I don’t need to wake up early to catch the train, don’t need to deal with the tasks and lose one reason to get off at Hakaniemi tram stop.


There is a saying that “”Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think you have forever, but you don’t.” which will bring out emotion. However, I know really well that today is my last day and my last time to have a day work at Fulbright, but not until I left the office, already left the key on my desk and knowing that tomorrow I won’t come back here that I started feeling bad. Not the negative one, though.


I’ve been longing for this day since my first day at work and now when it’s finally here I think I’d rather delay it a few more days. I’ve never good at saying goodbye and farewell but this time when each colleague came to me and wish me all the best, I realize how precious and meaningful those are.

It’s been a pleasure journey and I know I will never forget it.


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