This Must Be The Place – Maggie O’Farrell

It has been a while since my last post about books and the reason is as simple as I do not find time for it. Such an excuse, I know. And now it will be even more sarcastic when I am writing these letters in my working hours as a project intern who has only been working for three days and do not want to start sketching the marketing plan yet. Anyway, this book is the latest one I have read and the first one I read (and finished) in 2018 so it deserves a proper review, right?

Just to remind anyone who is reading this review (and myself in the future when looking back at it), I will just write down whatever comes to my mind at the time and do not take into consideration of any format or template for reviewing a book. So, enjoy!

It is purely a coincidence that I ended up choosing the book to start my reading “career” in this year. I came across it on a day when hanging out with friend in a Starbucks coffee shop, which is right next to one of the biggest bookstore in the capital. The decision of purchasing includes a nice cover, a brief summary which arouses curiosity, a recommendation from one of my folks and a huge discount on the price. If I remembered correctly, it was one day in midsummer of 2017, which means it took me about half a year to pick the book up from the stack on my desk and turn its very first page. And let me tell you, the major reason is because the book is too heavy to be carried around in my backpack daily.

So, let’s get to the content. It is not until when I have read half of the book that I start getting the meaning of the title, which until now I do not think I got it completely. The story ( or stories, to be exact) is about Daniel and his family, in which each member has their own story which by some means connect to Daniel’s and help him realize at the end that “this” must be the place for him. Before reading the book, I did surf through its reviews on Goodreads and most of the comment was about its strong beginning and they less or more struggled to follow its flow with different timezone and characters mixed. I have to agree on that point since I experienced the same but managed to be on track after all (thankfully). However, in spite of the little confusing, the book was a great work of story telling since it is able to tell the story of Daniel in such a unique way that after each chapter, there is always a surprise or a realization comes to my mind and help me get closer to the real story behind all of those. It is so true that anything is never be what it seems to be.

It took me about half a month to finish the book and to be honest, even though I am really engaged through the reading progress, the after-reading feeling does not last that long, maybe one of the reason is I found the ending is somehow not there, still lacks something to be completed.

Overall, I recommend this book to readers who would love to experience the unique flow of stories, find one more definition of love and marriage and look for some lessons about life.

















































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